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We are dynamic, savvy, and lovers of all things geeky.

Keen on joining our team? Here’s a bit more about our workplace.

  • Diversity

    There is never a dull moment in the office (or during video conference calls for that matter).
    We are a diverse team of fighters, gamers, writers and analysts based in 3 major cities across Asia Pacific.

  • Objectivity

    We love our fights as much as the next person and we all have favourites we personally root for, but to us, nonpartisan neutrality and data accuracy matters more. We deliver the facts as they are, and as they should be.

  • Fast-paced

    The world moves fast, so we must move faster. Our team works hard to deliver quality post-match results and analyses after every fight, taking Fight Nights to the next level.

  • Collaborative

    It’s always about maintaining that wide-eyed wonder; we all can learn from one another, no matter the job scope or seniority. Stuck on a problem? Go ahead and ask. To us, active collaboration is key in building a more efficient and productive workplace.

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