Thank you for your early interest in SPEED and signing up as a beta tester. Your league’s willingness to embrace sports data is why we strive to build the best platform catered for all combat sports of the future.

Measuring sports greatness with data has fast become the benchmark of mainstream sports consumerism. This is exemplified further amidst efforts to resume sporting events throughout the pandemic, where global sports leaders continue to intrigue and engage virtual fans with diligent and innovative use of data for superlative storytelling.

Our mission is to help combat leagues take on this imperative progression. We firmly believe starting a data program should not be an endeavour exclusive to only the few top leagues of the world. Hence, my team have spent the past 8 months developing the fight industry’s first self-serve tool, where all leagues can independently collect and implement live stats, to bolster production and enhance the quality of their shows.

Our platform has already gone through multiple stages of internal testing to what we feel is a market-ready product. We now seek the participation of fight promotions to help us refine the tool, by test-using it and giving us valuable feedback for our continuous improvements as we approach our official launch.

In return for your time and efforts, we will give your league 12 months free access to SPEED’s Pro Suite, where you have unlimited and unrestricted use of our product, plus exclusive access to new features we will be launching in the coming months.

Transformation of your league and evolution of combat sports starts here. Together, we can take the sport we love to a whole new level.

Sincerely Yours

Jonathan Teo
FightGeek CEO



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Plans & Features

User Accounts
5 25
Live Event Logging
Simple to use event & task setup
15 bouts/month Unlimited
Retroactive Event Logging
Simple to use event & task setup
Unlimited Unlimited
Basic Bout Report
Real-time and historical basic reports accessible by users
Plug & Play
Touch screen devices or plug in console controller into laptop
User School
Online training tools to help practice and improve logging accuracy
Apply your company's logo and colour branding into the platform
Advanced Historical Bout Analysis
Fight card summary, detailed bout round by round comparisons
Athlete Historical Analysis
Bout comparisons and overall career performance reports
SG $500 per year SG $2,500 per year