What is the minimum recommended system requirement for using the FightGeek platform?

A PC running Windows 10 or a Mac running macOS Catalina version 10.15 or newer.

We recommend using Chrome browser version 50+ or newer.

What are the compatible gaming controllers to use for SPEED?

We recommend using Xbox360 or PS4 controllers (both wired or wireless versions). Other 3rd party controllers that utilises the same drivers as Xbox360 or PS4 are also compatible. However we recommend only using authentic controllers.

*note that Nintento Switch controllers doesn’t work.

Can I use Speed to log data on tablets or phones?

Yes, speed is compatible with touch devices like your mobile phone or tablet, though we recommend using game controllers or keyboard hotkeys to efficiently log the athlete actions which can only be done on a computer or laptop.

Do I need to install a software application to use SPEED?

SPEED doesn’t require any special software, beyond a computer with internet, running Windows 10 and Chrome browser (JavaScript enabled – which is set by default in the browser preferences).

What alternative controllers can I use for SPEED?

Any Windows 10 compatible controllers can be used for PC.

We recommend only using authentic Xbox360 or PS4 controllers for Mac.

Alternatively you can use keyboard hotkeys or touch screen devices to log data as well.

How do I connect my social media pages to the platform?

To add your social media pages/profiles in the Profile & Account Settings > Access Keys section.

What is the difference between Live logging and Historical/Retro logging using SPEED?

Live logging takes place real-time during the event broadcast, while Historical/Retro logging can be done any time after the event took place, using video recordings of the bout.

Do I own the rights to all the data that I input to or collect using the platform?

You own your data and can access it while your subscription is active.

What is the recommended image dimension for uploading into the platform?

File format – PNG
File size – maximum 500KB
Recommended image dimensions:
Company logo – 245px wide x 55px high;
Athlete pictures – 460px wide x 700px high

How long will my data be stored in the platform?

Your data will be stored and available indefinitely while your subscription is active.

What happens to my data stored in the platform when I unsubscribe my account?

Your data will be stored for 12 months after your subscription was discontinued.

What happen if I lost my connection during logging data?

Your data will continue to be captured on your local device during lost of connection. The data will sync back to the platform once the connection is re-established, and upon a new data entry.

How do I export my data?

You can export your data from the reporting pages, via the share option by selecting the download or social sharing options.
If you subscribe to the Pro tier, you can also access your data via the API in JSON format.

Can I restore the data once I deleted it?

No, the data is updated real-time as you add and update it. Any deleted data is removed from the database and cannot be retrieved or restored.

How can I update or change my promotion information?

In the left-hand navigation select the gear icon at the bottom to update your profile. Make sure to unlock (top-right icon) before you update the details.

How do I create a New Event or New Athletes?

Refer to User School > Basic Training > Add Event or Add Athlete video tutorial.

What does each Icons mean?

Go to the “User School” to learn more about the explanations of the icons.